mod overview

The Livermorium Slider Keyboard is a five-row slider back-lit keyboard mod for Moto Mods platform. A Standard version has a built-in 1700mAh battery which provides at least 15 hours extra standby time; and a Lite version being 2mm thinner and 20g lighter without additional battery.

keyboard mod overview


keyboard layout

keyboard layout

We’ve carefully designed the keyboard layout to maximize productivity and convenience for a variety of users.

The Keyboard Mod features:

  • A separate number row
  • Larger common keys
  • Android navigation buttons
  • Almost all commonly used symbols
  • Arrow keys
  • Shortcuts for different utilities

The landscape QWERTY physical keyboard disappeared from the smartphone market almost five years ago.

No high-end landscape slider has been manufactured since 2012.

Many messaging users, tech enthusiasts, hackers, researchers, developers, and IT professionals have been longing for a successor.

With the Keyboard Mod, the wait is now over.


exploded view